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April 6, 2017
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For many years in this house “old” Roma resided. A well known and very popular place, especially amongst Scandinavians, but almost every nationality visit us and are happy to taste our basically Italian influenced menu. But not only Italy. There are also traces from other areas and of course we also offer great Thai food. After all — this is Thailand and many locals visit with their western friends.

The old restaurant was run down and in much need of a serious face lift and renovation. And expansion. The old premises was just too small with only 38 seats at rather small tables. So when the new Swedish owner stepped in January 1st, his first move was to take over the whole building. Then close the entire place for 3 weeks. A brave move in the midst of high season, but there was really no other option. It was dirty, run down and all electrics, water supplies and especially the toilet was in a terrible state! No other option than to just clean the place out totally. Start from square one. So the area was expanded with next door area and walls torn down. All electrics are new, all water pipes, septic tank and most important: 2 new toilets constructed. Then we moved in a brand new kitchen of highest European standard. Only the best equipment available. It is a Chefs dream and they are very happy in the cooking areas now! And now we offer 72 seats in comfortable seating!

Pizza is one of our trademarks and for this reason we tailor made a brand new area with just the best and most useful equipment. Before the staff had terrible working conditions with almost no real tools. Now they have a lot of fridges and all the tools to go with it as well as proper machines to grind, slice and what have you. On top of it all we installed the KING of pizza ovens! A really massive beast. This plus the great experience our Pizza chefs have makes people every day say: “you have the best Pizza in town!” We bow our heads and tell ourselves to try even harder!

After 3 weeks of working around the clock with a team of up to 10 workers the new restaurant was finally finished and time to open the doors. However – it was “old” Roma in the same house before, but with all the efforts we had done and the really upgraded menu, we decided no other name than NEW ROMA was suitable! And there you have it. The old was transferred into a shining new operation. 90% of the old staff is still with us and better and happier than ever. All of them are familiar faces to our old guests. We replaced the old cook with a real new CHEF and that has indeed raised the quality of the food we serve. Chef Rin is the boss of a team of cooks and since the word “chef” actually in this world means “teacher” – this is what they do every day. Testing, tasting and improving. Even if great – it can still be better!

We started with a vast menu of 85 vibrant dishes. Now, as we have operated for 2 months, already we did an upgrade and adjusted the menu and some prices. The menu is now presented with a brave 115 dishes! We believe it is all there for you to discover, taste and have a great dinner time with us at NEW ROMA!

To all old and new customers: a warm welcome! We will do our utmost to serve and service you! Our leading motto is taken from Super Chef Marco Pierre White: “Ambiance – Service – Great food”. He is of course without challenge – but we try hard to live up to these three important points!
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  • 5 star ratingEnjoyable Dinner Out We stopped by this restaurant on a whim and are delighted that we did. We ordered pizza without realizing it came with a cabbage salad so we enjoyed that along... read more

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